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In exploring the top 6 cities for rental investments, our team cross-referenced data points in both commercial and residential markets that show above-average growth mixed with high livability attributes.

The main question we asked ourselves is, “Is there enough corporate growth and migration of America’s youth to this city to the point that is can withstand a recession?”


Charlotte, North Carolina

A capital of the New South diversifies as it develops


Dallas, Texas

Rents are climbing along with the infrastructure to sustain growth


Chicago, Illinois

The tale of two cities


Atlanta, Georgia

The Southern Belle City with Northern Cash Flowing In


Orlando, Florida

Great weather, affordable prices, with a growing population


Brooklyn, New York

Hyper-growth, hip residents, low vacancy rates; it’s hard to lose

When analyzing the top 6 rental markets there are several factors that come into play:

  • Accessibility to major transit hubs, which provides the workforce mobility to get to their jobs
  • Infrastructure planning and spending both in the immediate area and adjacent communities
  • New housing development with a focus on affordability
  • Social programs available for underserved communities, which protects against blight
  • Data showing an incremental increase in educated population
  • The economy is fueled by more than one industry

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