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In exploring the top 6 cities for rental investments, our team cross-referenced data points in both commercial and residential markets that show above-average growth mixed with high livability attributes. The main question we asked ourselves is, “Is there enough corporate growth and migration of America’s youth to this city to the point that is can withstand a recession?”   Charlotte, North Carolina A capital of the New South diversifies as it develops   Dallas, Texas...


1. Don’t exceed your budget   2. Never underestimate costs   3. Be strategic about the areas you invest in   4. Try to be specific about your goals   5. This isn’t easy! Be ready to WORK   6. Don’t get stuck on “Luxury”   7. Don’t get emotionally attached 8. Make sure your income can pay the debt service   9. Be ready to hold onto the property for at least 10 years...


5. Even during times of uncertainty, workforce and affordable housing are always in demand Beside the most well-know subsidy program, Section 8, there are other government programs that assist landlords who are willing and able to offer apartments for lower income citizens. 4. East-to-follow underwriting standards Rents for affordable units are predictable, which makes the bank’s job of determining value. 3. Consistent payments 2. Tenants usually stay longer 1.    You’re becoming a part of a major solution...

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