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It’s official, the Generational Wealth Think Tank Facebook Group is open to new members! It has been proven that real estate is the single investment type that has created more wealth than any other asset class. It has also been proven that minorities in America have been left out of this wealth-generating asset class. Simultaneously, the shortage of affordable housing has become the crisis of our time, and it is GWO’s goal to take on...


Generational Wealth Organization is looking for properties to acquire with the following criteria: Property must be large enough to have full-service management (3+ units depending on the market) Monthly income of over $5,000 per month, which provides enough capital to pay a property manager a minimum of $250 per month 10%+ cash on cash after stabilization Top 50 MSA Locations (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_metropolitan_statistical_areas This ensures that our spaces will always be occupied Section 8...


There’s no doubt that COVID has created a chaotic market, although some assets are proving resilient, namely class A multifamily. This 56-unit property located near the Grove in Los Angeles has weathered the storm. Owned by the same private partnership for decades, the property has been well-maintained and leased below market value. The building features a pool elevated about street-level, fully renovated common areas, exterior, and lobby. Units could be renovated and value can be...

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