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Having a relationship that involves a business is incredibly challenging, yet immensely rewarding. The ultimate beacon of success is being able to work with your spouse in building something that is exponentially bigger than yourselves. Here, we dig into 8 keys to building a successful partnership with your spouse:   Transparency is key Hiding that bank account is not getting anyone closer to their spouse. General trust is an important factor in any relationship, although...


On August 28th, America lost one of it’s rising stars, Chadwick Boseman. Our editors have compiled 10 quotes from Chadwick, which could provide some encouragement for us all during these trying times: “You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure” “Purpose is the essential element of you,” Boseman said in the middle of the speech. “It is the reason you are on the...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brooklyn, NY – December 16, 2019 / NYCNewswire – Today ®fltbys Music and Entertainment (Flight Boys) announced Independent recording artist KOTA the Friend has purchased a building in Midtown Harrisburg, PA, in the heart of the popular and growing Arts District, in an all cash deal. KOTA the Friend, on the heels of the success of his FOTO album tour, which took him across the United States and Europe, has decided this was the right time to make his...

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