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Having a relationship that involves a business is incredibly challenging, yet immensely rewarding. The ultimate beacon of success is being able to work with your spouse in building something that is exponentially bigger than yourselves. Here, we dig into 8 keys to building a successful partnership with your spouse:


  1. Transparency is key

    • Hiding that bank account is not getting anyone closer to their spouse. General trust is an important factor in any relationship, although when you are building a business, there are employees, taxes, and a plethora of other aspects that one must worry about, which makes transparency the major key.
    • Keep the keys to the finances open to your partner in order to create the first layer of trust. This sets the precedent for how the relationship will be long term.
  2. Set goals together

    • Be sure to set aside time with your spouse to have goal setting sessions where you write down and discuss both short- and long-term objectives. It’s important to have three sets of goals, one for each person as an individual, and one for you as a couple.
  3. Find time for the outdoors

    • Grounding and nature immersion are key components to living a full life. Our bodies are organically drawn to placing our feet in the grass, and for concrete-dwellers, this could be the most useful key.
  4. Sweat together

    • Fitness is not only a great way to remain healthy and in shape, but it is also the ingredient of a relationship that can provide longevity. When we sweat with our partner, pheromones begin to indulge the sense, priming the mind and body for serious attraction.
  5. Give each other high fives

    • Celebrating wins as a team can be as small as completing a workout together or as big as buying that first multifamily property; but no matter the size, it’s vital to take in the moment and seize it as an opportunity to connect on a ‘best friend’ level. Spark excitement! Make it a point to give high fives.
  6. Take a deep interest in passion

    • The thing that gets us out of bed in the morning is passion, whatever that may be. Each of us are different, so we cannot expect our spouse to always share in our quirky creativity, although we can make a concerted effort to understand the basics of that passion in a way that you can carry a conversation on the topic.
  7. Talk about aliens

    • Ok, so you may not believe in aliens, but the point here is that you should embrace the unknown with your partner. Explore original conversations that require in depth thinking in order to stimulate the curiosity that can spark that newfound connection.
  8. Share the ice cream

    • We’ve all been there – one last scoop of ice cream, and we must decide on who gets it. Share it! This doesn’t stop with dairy products; it goes for everything in the relationship, no matter how small the leftover is, share it!

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