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  1. Take LinkedIn Seriously

    • Each connection made on LinkedIn introduces you to an average of 400 new people, and with the hyper-segmentation of professions and skills, you are able to pinpoint and connect with the exact mentors who can change your life. There are countless benefits to nurturing your LinkedIn profile, which include but are not limited to, job opportunities, investment advice, business trend analysis, event information, and much more.


  1. Tap into your existing networks

    • The amount of people we have in our circle is more abundant than we think. Carve out a few hours to go through your phone’s contacts, IG, Twitter, and Facebook, looking for those in your cosmos who you may not be top of mind. Once you have the contacts, send out personal emails, or, if you have a decent relationship with the person, give them a call. On the call, let them know why you are passionate about your business sector, showing a strong sense of enthusiasm and competence. Be humble and be prepared to have the title of understudy or intern.


  1. Always have a specific ASK

    • One mistake that many people make when presenting their mentorship pitch is that they do not have a specific “Ask”. Be precise when discussing ideas to the potential mentor. If you are looking for a quarterly lunch to discuss business tactics, then say that. Or, if you seek employment in the mentor’s organization, have you resume ready!


  1. Know your passion

    • This is a tough one because many people may not know what their passion is yet, although it is one of the traits that a mentor wants to see. The intent behind your desire to connect with this mentor matters. If it is just to become rich and famous, then the pitch probably will not work. Potential mentors want to see that you are hungry and intensely passionate about the business sector or topic that they cherish the most.


  1. Do your homework

    • Just like with a job interview, doing extensive research on the potential mentor is critical to developing the relationship. At the end of the day, everyone is human, and we all have an affinity for commonality. Find out what your mutual common ground is before the conversation starts, so that you can prepare yourself with unforgettable gems.


  1. Be prepared to WORK

    • Have a game plan prepared for how you can shadow your mentor, developing a “working relationship”. The best way to learn from someone is by learning “on the job”, which is why it is in your best interest to get an insider’s look into how that mentor operates on a daily basis. The gems that will change your life will not come in the form of words, yet it will reveal itself through emulated actions.


  1. Find out who controls the schedule

    • This one is probably the hardest and most exclusive tip that we can provide. Almost every person of influence has a secretary or scheduler who has the keys to that person’s calendar. By making a good impression on the point person, you are just one click away from getting that life-changing meeting. If you do get the meeting, make sure to send a thank-you card showing your appreciation!

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