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Generational Wealth is a religion, a mindset, a passed down set of lifestyle choices with a focus on future-value investing. Unfortunately, we’ve been programmed by society to associate the word “invest” with dollars, although the primary investments you can make are in your health, your relationships, your education, and then you get to the real estate, stocks, bonds, insurance, etc.

This Generational Wealth mindset controls every single decision, every action, from what we eat for breakfast, to opening escrow on a $10M property – our choices stem from the core value that “sowing seeds now will bear fruit later”. Such a simple naturally proven concept that has allowed humans to thrive on earth for millennia, yet the numbers show a disproportionate amount of people not investing in their future, especially when referring to the racial wealth gap.

In order to construct a rubric or blueprint for adopting an ideal lifestyle that promotes generational wealth, we must connect the dots. None of the principles of generational wealth are taught in school, so they must be learned from a family member or through one’s environment.

The 7 Principles of Generational Wealth are:

  1. Own Property.

In modern culture, the families who own property dictate the structure of society, and for the most part live the best quality of life compared to those without holdings. There are many opinions surrounding this topic, although it is a mere fact that long-term property ownership is directly correlated with quality of life, hence why it is the primary principle. According to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances, a typical homeowner’s net worth was $195,400, while that of renter’s was $5,400. Based on these metrics, a typical homeowner will be ahead of a typical renter by a multiple of 45 on a lifetime financial achievement scale.


  1. Family structure is paramount.

Maintaining family structure is the principle that allows for exponential growth. In the simplest terms, two heads are better than one – and when you are able to build with someone for decades, the results are extraordinary. There are countless examples throughout history, which proves this thesis. The most iconic companies and brands were built and maintained by families – think Vanderbilt, Ford, Walton, Koch, Mars, etc.


  1. Treat your health as your greatest asset.

How many times have you heard “Your health is your wealth”? Well, you hear it all of the time because it’s true. You can have all of the money in the world, but if you are not maintaining your health, then it is all for nothing. There is also a deep parallel between taking care of your body in order to maintain a sharp mind, which translates into an increased ability to create value. (Check out our juice cleanse recipe)


  1. Take time to educate others about the history and future of Generational Wealth.

Generational Wealth is a way of life – it is a passion that follows you no matter where you go. Because of this, it is natural and necessary to spread the word to all who you share space with. In this sense, you yourself will embody the concept of Generational Wealth.


  1. Maintain a global perspective.

The fastest way to adopt a small mind is by limiting your thoughts and perspectives to a confined geographic location. With the advent of the internet, we now live in a globally connected world. It is important to research, understand, and apply concepts that may not be found in your particular neck of the wood, but that concept could be the piece of the jigsaw puzzle that can help all of those around you live a better life. Closing our minds to what the world has to offer will set us back and stifle progress.


  1. Always have a succession plan.

Life is completely unpredictable. We would like to think that life is an infinite source, although the laws of nature beg to differ. For this reason, we must always maintain a detailed plan of action for if and when we leave our physical bodies. This will act as a guidebook for those who will be carrying on your legacy, so that it may continue to grow.


  1. Live as a Minimalist, invest as a Maximalist.

This is a biggie! In the last 100 years, global capitalism has relied on people living outside of their means, yearning for material things that provide bursts of endorphins when purchased, although leave long term scars. Don’t fall for the trap! Take pride in living a minimalist lifestyle, which in turn reduces both physical and mental clutter, making it easier to navigate the inevitable hardships that life throws at us. It has been proven that money and material wealth do not correlate with happiness. According to CNBC and a Gallup World Poll, the monetary threshold for happiness is $65,000 to $75,000, and it also shows a decrease in happiness once people earned more than $105,000. With a Generational Wealth mindset, you will be able to create this income passively, which would free up 100% of your time to devote to your passion. Don’t let social media fool you, happiness does not start with having a million dollars in the bank, it starts with the ability to live life on your own terms while being able to take care of the necessities of life like healthcare, food, and shelter.

Hopefully these generational wealth principles will resonate with your purpose and ability to live your best life possible, and at the same time provide the next generation a foundation for success. If you would like to connect with like-minded professionals, send a request to join the GenWealth Network.

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